Employee Volunteerism

The Tata spirit of volunteerism is instilled in every employee of TSDPL since its inception in 1997. Our slogan of 'TSDPL Cares' leads us in all our Employee Volunteering initiatives.

Tata Volunteering Week

Carrying forward the Tata spirit of employee volunteerism, TSDPL is an integral part of the 'Tata Volunteering Week' celebrated twice a year (in March and September) with great enthusiasm, wherein Tata employees across the globe come together to volunteer and spread cheer.

Since 2014, Tata group has been celebrating Tata Volunteering Week (TVW) through the unique platform of Tata Engage - a volunteering programme organised by Tata Sustainability Group (TSG).

TSDPL encourages all its employees to enthusiastically participate in all volunteering activities as part of the Tata Volunteering Week.

Such initiatives are planned meticulously after several brainstorming sessions amongst employees and in partnership with our NGO partners where one-day activities bring about a significant change in the lives of our communities.

As a mark of recognition, TSDPL has also been awarded for "highest participation amongst employees" in its category of Companies, during the celebrations of many of such TVWs.


ProEngage is a part-time, skill-based volunteering programme, which offers Tata employees a unique opportunity to help social organisations achieve their goals faster by providing them domain expertise and skills. This initiative is a part of the Tata Engage framework, which brings together non-profit and motivated professionals.

The employees of TSDPL actively participate in ProEngage. As Pro-Engagers, their contributions help them bring in a lot of improvements in processes and functioning through regular volunteering efforts in different organisations.

Our employees constantly engage themselves and offer pro bono services in the area of their expertise through this platform.

Project Oriented Volunteering

TSDPL runs CSR projects across all its locations. Our CSR Champions at different locations identify the areas of volunteering, roll out volunteering plans in their location, and encourage all the employees to participate in these activities.

In addition to these volunteering programmes, employees are encouraged to participate in volunteering activities of their own choice.