Cut to length services

Cut to Length

Cut To Length (CTL) is the process to uncoil sections of flat-rolled steel and cut them into flat rectangular blanks of desired length.

The Cut To Length sheets are normally shipped flat-stacked.

State-of-the-art Cut To Length Service

Our Cut-to-Length facilities pan India are capable of processing steel coils of narrow as well as wide width to provide a wide variety of lengths as per the requirements of the customers.

These CTL lines are capable of processing thicknesses of up to 25 mm and speed of up to 150 m/min.

The lines are equipped with start-stop shears, flying shears, rotating shears, air cushion or bomb-door type stackers along with high-precision levellers of four, five and six heights.

In order to efficiently cover whole range of material processed in one line, cassette levellers are considered with levelling rolls of different diameters and can be automatically exchanged.

TSDPL's Cut To Length Service Lines can produce dead flat sheets that are totally free of inner trapped stresses. This product is particularly suitable for customer segments where the cut blanks are going to be reprocessed by laser cutters or plasma torches.

TSDPL is also able to provide Cut-To-Size material as per the requirements of the customers. These Cut-To-Size material optimizes loss and increases yield for our customers.

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