Customer Testimonials

  • "The efforts put in by TSDPL is excellent, there is no doubt about it, especially in a place like Jamshedpur where TML ancillaries are not as professional as those ancillaries in Chennai, Pune or Gurgaon belt."

    Tata Motors Limited Jamshedpur
  • "Thanks to the TSDPL team for mobilizing all possible resources and extending co-operation to timely process the steel in an efficient manner for delivery to TML vendors. We also thank the TSDPL team at Jamshedpur for maintaining flow of steel to Jamshedpur based vendors supplying sheet metal parts to TML, Lucknow."

    Tata Motors Limited Lucknow
  • "Being a major customer of TSDPL, all our steel requirements are fulfilled by them and as far as the service is concerned what we have seen is their quick response time whether it is on account of delivery or on account of quality."

    Caparo Engineering India Ltd. Jamshedpur
  • "TSDPL has improved a lot in their delivery and have also improved in their customer feedback mechanisms. They have taken complaints very seriously and try to resolve these complaints within time limits. Also, they give special attention to their customers about their requirements and needs. We are very much happy with TSDPL's service."

    Sumit Enterprises Jamshedpur
  • "Since the time TSDPL has started its SO Confirmation Service and shared information about invoice details through SMS and e-mails, material planning has become more convenient for us."

    Arjan Auto Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon
  • "We have benefited a lot from the time we have been associated with TSDPL."

    Exedy India Ltd. Greater Noida
  • "Their service standard is good and behaviour of their employees is also very good."

    Vikram India Limited Kolkata
  • "Good Quality, pro-activeness & wide range of products"

    Titagarh Wagons Ltd. Kolkata
  • "TSDPL does well in supply of small lots, holding inventory and timely delivery."

    Ashok Leyland Ltd. Pantnagar
  • "Good Quality. Economical to buy from them. If they promise, they deliver. No issues with their supply chain."

    Western Steel Drums Pvt. Ltd. Pune
  • "Knowledge sharing initiatives taken by TSDPL are good."

    Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Private Limited Pune
  • "Good material quality with no complaints."

    Neel Industries Pvt. Ltd. Chennai