steel slitting services


Steel Slitting is the process of cutting steel coils received from the steel mills into narrower widths as per the requirement of the customers.

Since, steel mills have limited flexibility as to the widths of the coils that they produce, Steel Slitting service centres normally slit the mother coils for the customers to fit their specified requirements.

Slitting line (for carbon steel) used for cutting narrow coils from main coils is capable of producing narrow width coils.

State-of-the-art Slitting Lines at TSDPL

Slitting lines at TSDPL are composed of high-precision slitters with quick tooling change for slitter head, tensioning device, high-capacity re-coilers, scrap ballers or scrap choppers and equipment for extraction from coils without bending. The tensioning device can be moved for higher productivity.

At TSDPL's Steel Slitting service centre, the heart of the slitting line is its slitter head with precision tooling and tensioning device.

The line is controlled by a highly automated system employing control desks, sensors and programmable logic controllers and man machine interfaces.

Automated systems ensure proper dimensions of the product.

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