Steel service centre India

Steel Service Centre

What is a Steel Service Centre (SSC)?

A Steel Service Centre (SSC) acts as an intermediary between steel producers and the end users, providing processing, inventory management and distribution services; thereby making it the most vital link in the steel supply chain.

SSC supplies steel in the exact quantity, in the exact form and at the exact time that customers require, often processing or adding value to the material.

How does a Steel Service Centre function?

A Steel Service Centre procures steel products in large quantities from producing mills, holds the material in inventory and either processes it or simply trades it in smaller units, to the customers.

  • Procuring Steel from a Steel Mill
  • Maintaining Inventory
  • Processing as per Customer Requirement
  • Delivering the Final Product

TSDPL - India's largest steel service centre organization

Setting benchmarks in the steel service industry

  • 10 Large Processing Units
  • 15 Distribution Locations
  • World-Class Processing Facilities
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Systems

Processing techniques

TSDPL Steel Service Centre offers varying degrees of material 'processing' techniques which include -

These vital processing techniques make the steel readily usable by customers and greatly reduce the customers' time.

The type, quantity, and sophistication of processing services offered by a particular Service Centre are determined by the Service Centre's product and customer mix.