Supply Chain Management

TSDPL provides Supply Chain Management facilities to all major OEMs and its Tier I & Tier II vendors.

The flow of material includes all processes that transform raw materials into finished goods.

TSDPL helps to streamline the customer's supply-side activities in order to maximize customer value so that he is able to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Company places indent with the mills for various thicknesses, widths and grades of material as per the requirements of all its customers.

The Raw material is rolled by the mills and supplied to TSDPL as per the indent.

TSDPL maintains optimum levels of inventory for each of its customers. The material is processed as per the requirements of the customers and supplied as per the customer's schedule.

TSDPL also provides Just In Time (JIT) and Just In Sequence (JIS) supplies for its customers as per their need.

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