cold rolled steel and coils

Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets

TSDPL procures Cold Rolled Coils from Tata Steel, one of the leading cold rolled steel manufacturers in India. TSDPL offers high quality Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets that finds use primarily in the Automobile industry in addition to other applications.

TSDPL also operates as the distributor of 'Tata Steelium' and 'Tata Steelium Neo' in different territories across India.


Cold Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel is put through a range of further processing to get Cold Rolled Steel.

The Hot Rolled Coils goes through the process of pickling before being fed into the Tandem Cold Rolling Mill. The output from the Tandem Mill is first cooled at room temperature and then goes through the process of Electrolytic Cleaning before being subjected to Batch Annealing in the furnace. The coils are further passed through the Skin Pass Mill before we get the final product i.e. Cold Rolled Closed Annealed (CRCA) coils.

This results in steel that is superior in terms of dimensional tolerances and offers a wider range of surface finishes.


Advantages of Cold Rolled Steel Coils & Sheets include -

  • Superior Surface finish - Ensures superior surface cleanliness. This minimises pre-treatment time significantly. It also reduces the chemical consumption in pre-treatment process resulting in cost savings at the customer's end. The excellent surface texture also facilitates paint adhesion.
  • Uniform Mechanical Properties - Uniform mechanical properties are assured throughout the length of coil. Hence, customers get consistent quality with higher yields during stamping.
  • Enhanced Flatness - Improved flatness reduces adjustment time and increases productivity.
  • Higher dimensional tolerances - This reduces wastage and maximizes yield.
  • Better Weldability - Optimum chemistry of steel keeps electrode consumption to a minimum.


Cold Rolled Steel Coils & Sheets are formed into different components for Automotive applications. Oil Filters, Sub-Assemblies, various types of Clamps, Brackets etc. are made from Cold Rolled Steel.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils & Sheets are also used to produce -

  • Electrical Switchgear and Control Panels
  • Elevator Panels, Acoustic Enclosures for Gensets
  • Enclosures for Telecom Equipment
  • Light fittings, Transformer Parts
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Lifts
  • Fan Blades
  • Furniture